Performing musicians, vocalists, sound engineers, DJs, and music lovers alike have special needs that require expert advice to enable extended protection from potentially hazardous sound levels. We work with professional instrumentalists, music students/teachers, part time musicians, or simply music lovers, to help them safeguard their precious sense of hearing. 

Custom made Musician’s Ear Plugs

er-series-moulds-and-filters9We know you need comfort, durability and above all, a pure sound quality when it comes to using ear protection. That’s why we use the extensive range of interchangeable Etymotic Research (ER) filters in soft silicon material which have proven to be level attenuating, providing a relatively flat response across the frequency range.

Depending on your requirements including type of instrument, exposure time and level, a certain filter will be recommended (ER9, ER15 and ER25).

To ensure your hearing protectors are satisfactory we test your hearing with and without the plugs using specialised equipment to ensure they deliver uncompromising results before you leave.

This way you will continue a lifetime of pleasure from your music.

Impressions for In Ear Monitors

We have extensive experience in taking open jaw impressions for the IEMs for many manufacturers including 1964 Ears, Westone, and National Audio. We use high viscosity impression material and ensure full impressions are taken of each ear (including the full helix, crus of the helix, tragus and antitragus), past the second bend of the ear canal.

 You can have confidence in getting the job done right the first time!

Soundhealth is recommended by 64Audio (1964 Ears) as a preferred audiology centre for impressions.

See below video from 64Audio about our method for impression taking.